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Building Construction and Maintenance Archives




  Attachments & Plan Holder
Bid Summary
Marble Hill 9-120928TV

-9-120928TV Marble Hill Sewer Project

-Marble Hill Sewer Specifications

-Marble Hill Drawings

-Bollinger Co. Wage Order

-Addendum 001

Pre-Bid Conf. Attendees
Jefferson City


UPS Maintenance Services

-RFB 9-120921TV UPS Maintenance Services


Northwest 9-120913RJ

-NW Metal Siding RFB - TC and Appendix A

-Metal Siding Plans

-Wage Order - Andrew County

-Wage Order - Buchanan County

St. James 9-120919TV

-9-120919TV St James Project Office

-St. James Drawings

-St. James Project Office Specifications

-Phelps Co. Wage Order

-Addendum 001

-Addendum 002

Carthage 9-120912TV

-9-120912TV Carthage Project Office

-Carthage Drawings

-Carthage Project Office Reroof Specifications

-Jasper Co. Wage Order

-Addendum 001

Jefferson City 9-120918RJ

-9-120918RJ Central Office Lab Reroof RFB, Central Office Lab T&C, and Appendix A

-Plans (Lab Reroof)

-Wage Order Cole County

-Addendum 001

-Addendum 002

Macks Creek 9-120905RJ

-9-120905RJ Macks Creek

-Macks Creek Additional Specs

-Wage Order Camden County

-Addendum 001

Statewide 9-120824TV1

-9-120824TV1 IDC Fabric Structure

-Wage Order 19 - Increment 1

Kansas City 9-120824TV

-9-120824TV KC Parking Lot

-Jackson Co. Wage Order

Preston 9-120822TV

-Preston Truck Wash RFB

-Hickory Co. Wage Order

-Preston Drawings

-Preston Metal Building Drawings

-Preston Truck Wash Specs

Hampton 9-120810TV

-9-120810TV Hampton Storage Building

-St. Louis City Wage Order

-Hampton Drawings

-Addendum 001

Jefferson City 9-120720TVQ
-9-120720Q Generator Loadbank Test Quote
Mineola 9-120718RJ

-9-120718RJ Mineola Lagoon Closure

-Appendix A - Drawings

-Appendix B - Plans

-Appendix C - Hold Points

-MontgomeryCoWage Order

-Addendum 001

-Appendix A - Drawings Revised 7-11-12


-I-70 Mineola Lagoon Plans

Mound City 9-120709RW

-9-120709RW Mound City Vault Toilets

-Drawing - Vault Locations

-Holt County Wage Order

Mound City 9-120629TV

-9-120629TV Mound City Concrete Block Truck Wash

-Addendum 001

-Addendum 002

-Holt Co. Wage Order

-Mound City Concrete Block Truck Wash Drawings

-Mound City Concrete Block Truck Wash Spec



Joplin Boiler Replacement

-9-120629RJ Joplin Boiler Replacement Rebid

-Addendum 001

-Addendum 002

-Addendum 003

-Consultant Drawings

-Jasper Co Wage Order



Wayland Truck Wash


-Wayland Truck Wash

-Addendum 001

-ClarkCo Wage Order

-Wayland Drawings

-Wayland Truck Wash Specifications


Various Locations


Mechanical Services - Rebid

-9-120619TVM Mechanical Services - Rebid

-Addendum 001

Wage Order 18

IDC Regions Map

Boonville 9-120619RJ

-9-120619RJ Boonville Maintenance Facility

-Wage Order Cooper County

-Addendum 001

-Boonville Plan Addendum 001 6-14-12

Fruitland 9-120621TV

-9-120621TV Fruitland Lagoon Improvements

-Addendum 001

-Addendum 001 - Revised Plan Sheets C104-C105-C502

-Addendum 002

-Cape Girardeau Co. Wage Order

-Fruitland Final Plans

-Fruitland Specifications


Clinton 9-120524RJ

-9-120524RJ Clinton Pole Barn

-Addendum 001

-Henry County Wage Order

Mountain Grove 9-120518TV

-9-120518TV Mountain Grove Salt Barn Reroof

-Addendum 001

-WrightCo Wage Order

-Mountain Grove Reroof Plans

Wayland 9-120517RJ

-9-120517RJ Wayland Sewer Connection

-Addendum 001

-Addendum 001 Revised Plans

-Wayland Plans

-ClarkCo Wage Order

Mound City 9-120515TV

-9-120515TV Mound City Truck Wash Foundation

-Holt Co. Wage Order

-Mound City Truck Wash Foundation Plans

CANCELLED - Will Re-bid
Kansas City 9-120509TV

-9-120509TV Skiles Grading Project

-Addendum 001

-Addendum 002

-Addendum 003

-Addendum 004

-Addendum 005

-Skiles Plans - ANSI D

22 in x 34 in

-Clay Co. Wage Order


    CADD: new



















Lebanon 9-120427TV

-9-120427TV Lebanon Fabric Structure

-Addendum 001

-Laclede County Wage Order

Macon 9-120425TV

-9-120425RJ Macon North Complex Project

-Addendum 001

-Addendum 002



-Macon Wage Order

Joplin 9-120425RJ

-9-120425RJ Joplin Boiler Replacement

-Addendum 001

- Consultant Drawings

-Jasper Co Wage Order


-Bid Tabulation 9-120425RJ


St. Louis 9-120424TV

-9-120424TV Ballas Park Lot

-Addendum 001

-Addendum 002

-Ballas Parking Lot Drawing

-St. Louis Co. Wage Order


Lemay -

St. Louis County


-9-120424RJ Lemay Truck Wash

-Addendum 001

-Project Drawings - Revised

-St. Louis County Wage Order

Wright City 9-120410TV


Lebanon 7-120322CN
-SFS-7-120322CN - Lebanon Fabric Structure
Jefferson City and Lee's Summit 9-120315TV
-9-120315TV - Generator Maintenance
Macon Missouri 9-120307TV

-9-120307TV Macon Significant Presence

-9-120307TV Addendum 001

-9-120307TV Addendum 002


Macon County Wage Order

9-120301TVM - Mechanical Project Services

IDC Addendum 1

-9-120301TVM Mechanical Project Services

Wage Order 18 Mechanical Bid Tabulation

9-120301TVE - Electrical Project Services

IDC Addendum 1

-9-120301TVE Electrical Project Services
Refer to Wage Order 18 above
Electrical Bid Tabulation

9-120301TVC - Carpentry Project Services

IDC Addendum 1

-9-120301TVC Carpentry Project Services
Refer to Wage Order 18 above
Carpentry Bid Tabulation
Kansas City District 9-111209 Stadium Concrete pads



-BID Summary Stadium Concrete Pads
Nebo, MO 9-120109Q Concrete Containment




- -Bid Tab - Nebo Containment
Jefferson City, MO at Central Office 9-120106 Data Cabling

-2nd Floor Data Cable Plan



- -Bid Summary CO 2nd Floor Cabling
Northwest District 9-111107M, T&M MECHANICAL Price Agreement

-9-111107M NW Mechanical PA

-9-111107M NW Mechanical WO18

*Addendum 1 NW Mechanical

*Addendum 2 NW Mechanical

*Addendum 3 NW Mechanical

*Addendum 4 NW Mechanical

- -9-111107M BID SUMMARY
Northwest District 9-111107C, T&M CARPENTRY Price Agreement

-9-111107C NW Carpentry PA

-9-111107C NW Carpentry WO18

*Addendum 1 NW Carpentry

Southeast District 9-111202 Romance Radio Tower



- -BID Summary Romance Radio Tower


District, Troy



9-111012 NE ReRoof - Troy DRAW

9-111012 NE ReRoof - Troy

Plan Holders Troy Reroof -BID Summary NE ReRoof - Troy





Concrete Block Truck Wash Building

* Addendum 1-Paris

9-111012A NE Truck Wash - Paris DRAW

9-111012A NE Truck Wash - Paris

-Plan Holder Paris -BID Summary NE Paris Truck Wash



Bowling Green


Concrete Block Truck Wash Building

* Addendum 1-bg

9-111012B NE Truck Wash - BG DRAW

9-111012B NE Truck Wash - Bowling Green

-Plan Holder Bowling Green -BID Summary NE Bowling Green Truck Wash

Central Office,

Jefferson City

9-111012Q 9-111012Q CO Asbestos 1928 2nd - -QUOTE Summary CO Asbestos

Central Office,

Jefferson City

9-111024Q, Parking Lot Renovation

9-111024Q parking lot renovations DRAW

-9-111024Q RFQ CO Parking Lot Renovation

- -QUOTE Summary CO 830 MoDOT Dr Parking Lot Renov



Various Locations

9-111007Q series

Concrete Containment Structures

* 9-111007QM RFQ Marshfield

* 9-111007QG CANCELL RFQ.doc

* 9-111007G1 RFQ Galena

*9-111007L RFQ Lampe

*9-111007L1 RFQ Lamar

*9-111007N RFQ Nevada

*9-111007O RFQ Ozark

*9-111007P RFQ Preston

*9-111007T RFQ Taneyville

*9-111007W RFQ Warsaw

* 9-111007C RFQ Cole Camp

*9-111007Q series DRAWING -Bid Tab - SW Containment




9-110921 ReRoof

*Addendum 1 D7 Osceola.doc

9-110921 SW ReRoof - Osceola DRAW

- 9-110921 SW ReRoof - Osceola

Plan Holders - Osceola -BID Summary SW ReRoof - Osceola
Southeast District, Bloomsdale 9-110727 Lagoon

-Addendum 001 Bloomsdale

9-110727 Bloomsdale Drawings - Addendum 1

9-110727 Bloomsdale Drawings

-9-110727 Lagoon Specifications - Bloomsdale RA

Plan Holders Bloomsdale -Bid Summary Bloomsdale RA Lagoon
Northeast District, Kirksville 9-110729 Fabric Structure Replacement

Addendum 2 - Kirksville

Addendum 1 - Kirksville

-9-110729 Fabric - Kirksville

NE Plan Holders - Kirksville List -Bid Summary Kirksville Fabric


9-110701 Data Fiber Network Outside, Time and Materials

Addendum3 Data - Outside

Addendum2 Data - Outside

Addendum 1 Data - Outside

All 18

9-110701 Data - Outside PA

- -9-110701 Data - Outside All Bids


9-110701A Data Fiber Network Inside, Time and Materials

Addendum2 Data - Inside

Addendum1 Data - Inside

9-110701A Data Cabling - Inside

9-110701A All wo18

- -9-110701A Data - Inside All Bids
Central District Boonville Rest Area 9-110707 Sidewalk Replacement

9-110707 D5 Sidewalks - Boonville

9-110707 D5 Sidewalks - Boonville DRAW

-Addendum 001 Boonville Sidewalk

- Addendum 002 Boonville Sidewalk

Plan Holders - D5 Boonville Sidewalk -Bid Summary Boonville Sidewalk


T&M, Fabric Structures

9-110601F Fabric tm

9-110601F WO17 ALL

Plan Holders Fabric -9-110601F Fabric Bid Summary





-9-110701B Sewer - Hayti

-9-110701B Sewer - Hayti DRAW

-Addendum 001 Hayti Sewer

-Hayti Plan Holder -BidSummary Sewer - Hayti


Mountain Grove

9-110701C Sewer

9-110701C Sewer MtGrove

-9-110701C Sewer MtGrove DRAW

-Addendum 1 Mountain Grove Sewer

-MtGrove Plan Holder -BidSummary Sewer - MtGrove

Central Office

Jefferson City

9-110701D Sidewalk

9-110701D CO Sidewalk

-9-110701D CO Sidewalk DRAW

-Addendum 001 CO sidewalk

Plan Holders - CO Sidewalk -BidSummary Sidewalk- JC
Boonville 9-110613 Sewer Extension

9-110613 D5 Sewer - Boonville

-9-110613 D5 Sewer Boonville DRAW

Addendum 1 Sewer - Boonville

Addendum 2 Sewer - Boonville

Plan Holders Sewer Boonville -BidSummary Boonville RA Sewer
Mineola 9-110613A Rest Area Demolition

9-110613A Rest Area Demo - Mineola

-9-110613A Rest Area Demo - Mineola SITE PLANS

+Addendum 1 Demo - Mineola

-Plan Holders Mineola -BID Summary Mineola Rest Area Demo
Springfield 9-110617 Boiler Replacement

9-110617 D8 Boiler DRAW

9-110617 D8 Boilers

Addendum 1 D8 Boiler

Addendum No 2

Addendum 3 D8 Boiler

-Plan Holders Boiler -BID Summary D8 Boiler
St. Joseph 9-110617A Service Station Renovation

9-110617A D1 Service Station DRAW

9-110617A D1 Service Station

-Addendum 1 D1 ServStation

-Plan Holders ServStation -BID Summary D1 St Joseph Service Station
Mound City Mobile Trailer 9-110608Q Mobile Trailer Rental

9-110608Q D1 Mobile Office - Mound City

-Quote Form D1 Mobile Office Addendum 1




9-110520 Pump Station

Addendum 1 D10 jACKSON

^9-110520 D10 Pump Station - DRAWING

-9-110520 D10 Pump Station - Jackson

-BID Summary D10 Jackson lift


Jefferson City


Canopy Construction


Jefferson City


Soffit, Fascia, & Guttering

-Quote Summary CO Tng SFG

MO Counties of Warren & Lincoln

9-110518M Mechanical T&M 9-110518M D6n Mechanical d6n Plan Holders List -
D7 El Dorado  Springs 9-110412 Truck Wash 9-110412 D7 Truck Wash - El Dorado Springs

Addendum 1 D7 ElDorado

-Truck Wash - El Dorado Springs DRAW

BID Summary D7 Truck Wash El Dorado
D7 Butler 9-110412A Reroof Maintenance Bldg 9-110412A D7 Maint Bldg Reroof - Butler D7 Maint ReRoof- Butler DRAW BID Summary D7 ReRoof - Butler
D9 Willow Springs 9-110412B Upgrade Parking lot and sidewalks 9-110412B D9 Parking Lot Sidewalks - - Bid Cancelled -
D7 Osceola 9-110418 Reroof Maintenance Bldg

9-110418 D7 Maint ReRoof - Osceola

-D7 Maint ReRoof - Osceola DRAW BID Summary D7 ReRoof - Osceola
D4 Clinton 9-110401Q Grinder Pump 9-110401Q D4 Grinder Pump - Clinton - 9-110401Q ALL QUOTES
D1 Mound City 9-110413 Sewer

9-110413 D1 Sewer - Mound City

-9-110413 Mound City DRAW

- BID Summary D1 Mound City Sewer Ext
D8 Mountain Grove 9-110405A Radio Tower Mountain Grove Radio Tower Spec - BID Summary D8 Mt Grove Radio Tower
D9 Steelville
9110330Q Sewer & Water Connection

9-110330Q D9 Water Sewer - Steelville

9-110330Q D9 Steelville DRAW

D7 Stockton
9-110331Q Mold Abatement

9-110331Q D7 Mold Abatement - Stockton

-9-110331Q Mold - Stockton DRAW



6- SW MO Locations

9-110329Q series, Concrete Containment Structures

9-110329Q series D7 Concrete Containment

-D7 Concrete Containment Draw

D8 Romance
9-110405 Radio Tower Demo and Install


- Addendum 2 D8 Towers -Romance

D3 Hannibal 9-110317Q Conduit & Pull Boxes 9-110317Q D3 Conduit - Hannibal - -Quote Summary D3 Cable - Hannibal
D3 Troy 9-110318Q Conduit & Pull Boxes 9-110318Q D3 Conduit - Troy - Quote Summary D3 Cable - Troy
D7 Neosho 9-110308B Sewer Extension

9-110301B Sewer -Neosho

-9-110301B Sewer - Neosho DRAW

-Addendum1 CO Neosho BidSummary D7 Neosho Sewer
CO Jefferson City 9-110308A 3rd Floor Data Network Cabling

9-110308A CO 3rd Floor Data Cabling

-9-110308A CO 3rd Data Cabling DRAW

-Addendum1 CO 3RD -BID Summary 3RD

CO Jefferson City



Data Network Cabling

9-110307 CO Data Cabling HRED

-9-110307 CO HRED Data Cabling DRAW

-HRED training area floor plan

Addendum1 CO HRED

-Addendum2 CO HRED

-BID Summary HRED
D3 Bowling Green 9-110308 Emulsion Tank

9-110308 D3 Emulsion Tank - Bowling Green

-Addendum1 d3 tank

-Addendum2 d3 tank

BidSummary D3 Heated Asphalt Tank
D10 Charleston 9-110318 Sewer Extension

9-110318 D10 Sewer - Charleston

-9-110318 D10 final plans sealed

- Addendum1 D10 Charleston BidSummary D10 Sewer - Charleston
D2 Macon 7-110317S HVAC Controls SFS Purchase Notice    
D7 Joplin 7-110318S Security Upgrade SFS Posting Notice D7- Security    
D1 Lathrop Rest Area Lagoon closure 9-110301 D1 Lathrop Rest Area Lagoon Closure

9-110301 D1 Lagoon Closure - Lathrop DRAW

-Addendum 1 D1 Lagoon

BID Summary Lathrop Lagoon
D9 Taum Sauk 9-110225 Radio Tower Demo & Install 9-110225 RadioTower-Taum Sauk BS

-Addendum D9 Towers TS

-Addendum 2 D9 Towers TS

-Mandatory Pre bid Sign-in

BID Summary Tower-Taum
D4 Warrensburg 9-110301A Pole Barn 9-110301A D4 Pole Barn - Warrensburg

9-110301A D4 Pole Barn - Warrensburg DRAW

-Addendum 1 D4 Warrensburg

BID Summary Pole Barn Warrensburg
D4 Harrisonville 9-110301B Pole Barn 9-110301B D4 Pole Barn - Harrisonville

9-110301B D4 Pole Barn - Harrisonville DRAW

-Addendum 1 D4 Harrisonville

BID Summary Pole Barn Harrisonville
D10 Wash Bay Foundation, Charleston 9-110128 9-110128 d10 Wash Bay Foundation BID SPEC

- Wash Bay - Charleston MoDOT DRAW

-Charleston_Final SITE

-Powerbilt Steel Buildings DRAW

-D10 Foundation Planholders

-BID Summary D10 Charleston Wash Bay
CO Asbestos Abatement 9-110204

-CO 3rd floor 1928 Asbestos report

9-110204 CO Asbestos Abatement

-Addendum 3 Asbestos

Addendum 2 Asbestos

-CO Asbestos Plan Holders List -BID Summary CO 3rd floor Asbestos
D4 T&M Carpentry Service 9-110214C

9-110214 D4 Carpentry PA

Addendum 1 D4 Carpentry

9-110214 D4 Carpentry PA Wage Order 17

D4 Carpentry Plan Holders -9-110214E D10 Bid Tab Carpentry
D10 T&M Mechanical Service 9-110214M

9-110214M D10 Mechanical PA

Addendum 1 D10 Mechanical

9-110214M D10 Mechanical PA Wage Order 17

D10 Mechanical Plan Holders -9-110214M Bid Tab Mechanical
D9 T&M Electrical Service 9-110214E

9-110214E D9 Electrical

Addendum 1 D9 Electrical

9-110214E D9 Electrical WO 17

D9 Electrical Plan Holders -9-110214E D9 Bid Tab Electrical
D7 Rest Room Renovation, Nevada 9-110222Q

- 9-110222Q D7 Nevada Addendum 1

- 9-110222Q D7 Nevada Rest Rooms A1

-Nevada Rest room DRAW

- -Quote Summary D7 Nevada
D9 Radio Towers, Winona & Alton 9-101229 9-101229 D9 Radio Tower BID SPEC

-9-101229 Addendum 1 thru 6 D9 Towers

-9-101229 Planholders List

BID Summary D9 Radio Towers


Jefferson City

9-101215J 9-101115J CO Janitorial RFB

-Addendum 2 Janitorial

Addendum 1 Janitorial

-Plan Holders List - CO Janitorial

-9-101215J Mandatory Pre-bid Roster

-Available Bldg Drawings

-Available Bldg Drawings MORE

9-101215J Pricing Pages

-9-101215 Janitorial Bid Tab with Formulas


Park Hills

9-101124Q 9-101124Q D10 Park Hills RFQ

9-101012 D10 Park Hills DRAW

 - Roof Planholders PH

-Quote Summary D10 Park Hills roof
D3 Mexico and Shelbina 9-101102 Construct wash bays 9-101102 D3 Wash Bay Shelbina Mexico

- 9-101102 D3 Wash Bay Shelbina Mexico plans

-9-101102 D3 Wash Bay Shelbina Mexico Addendum 1

-Planholders D3

-BID Summary D3 Wash Bays


El Dorado Springs


Sewer Extension

9-101112 D7 Sewer - El Dorado BID SPEC

- 9-101112 D7 Sewer - El Dorado DRAW

- D7 El Dorada Springs Plan Holder list

-Addendum 3 D7 El Dorado

-BID Summary D7 El Dorado Springs Sewer
D2 Macon 9-101126 Excavate & Fiber Network 9-101126 D2 Data Cabling

- 9-101126 Addendum 4

-Pre bid roster Nov 16

- Plan Holders List D2 Fiber

-BID Summary D2 Fiber Network Macon
CO Jefferson City 9-101123Q Door Opener 9-101123Q CO Training Ctr Doors - -Quote Summary CO TngCtr Doors
D9 Steelville 9-101123 9-101123 D9 Truck Wash - Steelville

-steelville Plan Holders List

-9-101123 D9 Wash - Steelville DRAW

-Addendum 1 D9 Steelville

-BID Summary D9 Steelville Truck Wash
D2 Lancaster 9-101118Q 9-101118Q Lancaster Materials

-Addendum 1 D2 Lancaster lumber materials only

-Addendum 2 LANCASTER

-Quote Summary D2 Lancaster
CO Jefferson City 9-101105Q Lab Chiller Replacement 9-101105Q CO Lab Chiller Replace -  





9-101005 D5 Lagoon - Hallsville BidSpec

9-101005 D5 Lagoon DRAW

-Hallsville Planholders

-BID Summary D5 Hallsville Lagoon


St. Louis


Salt Storage Bldg

9-101001 D6 Fabric - Broadway

-D6 Fabic- Plan Holders List

-Addendum 1 D6 Broadway

BID Summary D6 Broadway Fabric




HVAC Time & Material

9-101022M D4 HVAC BID SPEC


-Bid Summary 9-101022M D4 Mechanical IDC
D7 Mt Vernon 9-100917 Reroof Maintenance Building 9-100921 D7 Roof - Mt. Vernon BID SPEC

9-100921 D7 Mt Vernon Roof DRAW

-Plan Holders MtV

-BID Summary D7 Mt Vernon Reroof
D9 Rolla 9-100921 Roof 9-100921 D9 Roof - Rolla BID SPEC Rolla Plan Holders List -BID Summary D9 Roof - Rolla

D2 Bosworth &

Sweet Springs



9-100921A D2 Siding BID SPEC

-Addendum 1 D2 Siding

-9-100921 D2 Siding DRAW

- Planholders D2 Siding

- BID Summary D2 Siding





9-100928 D7 ReRoof - Greenfield

9-100928 D7 ReRoof-Greenfield DRAW

- Plan Holders Gfield

-Addendum 1 D7 REROOF

-BID Summary D7 Greenfield Roof


St. Robert

9-100820 HVAC 9-100820 D9 HVAC - St. Robert SPEC D9 StRob Plan Holders -BID SUMMARY D9 St Roberts Wood Furnace
D4 18th Street Kansas City 9-100629 OH Doors & Siding 9-100629 D4 18th Street Siding SPEC

-Plan Holders List

-9-100629 Addendum1 D4 KC

-9-100629 D4 18th Street Siding DRAW

-BID SUMMARY D4 KC OH Doors Siding
CO Jefferson City


Saw Cutting

9-100708Q CO CUTTING - -Quote SUMMARY cut
CO Jefferson City


Kardex File Move

9-100714Q CO 830 Move 1 Kardex -Planholders KARDEX -Quote SUMMARY 1 kardex
CO Jefferson City


Kardex File Move

9-100723 CO Kardex Moves -Planholders KARDEXs -Metro Bid1
CO Jefferson City 9-100630Q Roof re-Flashing 9-100630Q CO Roof re Flashing QUOTE

Addendum 1 CO Roof

-Plan Holders List





9-100625E Time and Material Service and Project Electrical 9-100625E D7 Electrical

9-100625EM Wage Order D7 Mechanical Electrical

- D7 Electrical Planholders





9-100625E Time and Material Service and Project Mechanical

9-100625M D7 Mechanical

9-100625EM Wage Order D7 Mechanical Electrical

- Planholder List D7 Mechanical- 9-100625M D7 Addendum1 corrected PRICING PAGES

-D7 Mechanical Bid Tabulation
D3 New Florence Maint. Bldg. Demo 9-100604 D3 New Florence Maintenance Demo SPEC -Bid Opportunity Asbestos -BID SUMMARY D3 New Florence Demo
D10 Steele Rest Area Demo 9-100611 D10 Rest Area Demo SPEC

- 9-100618 D10 Steel Demo DRAW

- 9-100611 Addendum 1 D10 Demo - Steele

- 9-100611 Addendum 2 D10 Demo - Steele

-BID SUMMARY D10 Steele Demo


All Districts & CO

9-100615 Time & Material Data Cabling -9-100615 Data Cabling spec BID

-Planholders List Data Cabling

- Addendum 1 Cabling

- 9-100615 Data Cabling WO 17 All Counties

*9-100615 Data Cabling BID TAB.pdf

-9-100615 Data Cabling spec BID

-9-100615 Data Cabling A2 spec BID

+ Addendum 2 Cabling

D1 Northwest Missouri 9-100506E Time and Material Service and Project Electrical 9-100511E D1 Electrical BID spec

- 9-100511E D1 Electrical WO 16

- D1 Electrical Planholders list

-9-100511E D1 Electrical BidPages
D2 Green City, MO 9-100512 Sewer Extension 9-100512 D2 Sewer - Green City SPEC

- 9-100512 D2 Green City DRAW

-Green City Planholders

-BID SUMMARY D2 Green City Sewer
D4 Various Kansas City Area, MO 9-100514M Time and Material Project and Service Call Plumbing 9-100514M D4 Plumbing

- 9-100514M Planholders D4 Plumbing

-9-100514M D4 Plumbing wo16

-D4 Plumbing Addendum 1

-9-100514M D4 Plumbing all bids
D1 Northwest Missouri 9-100525 Fuel Island Electrical Service Upgrades 9-100525 D1 Fuel Island Electrical Upgrades SPEC

- D1 Fuel Island Planholders list

- D1 FuelElec Addendum 1

CO Jefferson City Surplus Scrap Metal File Cabinets 9-100528 Scrap Metal corrected Scrap Metal Plan Holders -All Scrap Bids - 4
CO Jefferson City, MO

9-100401 Emergency Stairwell

9-100401 CO Stairwell Spec

9-100401 CO Stairwell Draw

-9-100401 CO Stairwell Addendum 01

-9-100401 CO Stairwell Pre-Bid List

-9-100401 CO Stairwell Plan Holders

-BID SUMMARY CO Emergency Stairwell
Central Office 1320 Creek Trail, Jefferson City, MO 9-100419 Radio Tower 9-100419 CO Creek Trail Tower Spec

9-100419 planholders

-9-100419 Creek Trail Tower Addendum 1

-9-100419 Creek Trail Tower Addendum 2

-9-100419 Creek Trail Tower Addendum 3

-9-100419 Creek Trail Tower Addendum 4

-BID SUMMARY JC Creek Trail Tower
Dist 8 Southwest Missouri 9-100430M Mechanical 9-100430M D8 Mechanical BID wSpec

-9-100430M D8 Mechanical Wage Orders

-Planholder D8 Mechanical

-9-100430M D8 Bid Summary
D9 Rolla, MO 9-100429 Supply and fully Install Central Boiler 9-100429 D9 Wood Boiler - Rolla SPEC D9 Rolla Wood Furnace Planholders -BID SUMMARY D9 Wood furnace
D3 Shelbina, MO 7-100405 Vertical Heated Storage Tank Emulsion Storage Tank SFS  -  -
CO Jefferson City, MO 9-100219 HVAC for Archives at 601 W. Main 9-100219 CO Archives HVAC spec

-10006wStruct DRAW

-CO HVAC - Archives Plan Holders

CO Jefferson City, MO 9-100210Q Lab UTM Move 9-100210Q COlab UTM Move BID

-Lab UTM Move Plan Holders

-All quotes rejected. This project will be re-bid using the formal sealed bid process.

CO 830 MODOT Dr.

Jefferson City, MO

9-100217 Warehouse Renovation Phase II 9-100217 CO Warehouse Phase II SPEC

9-100217 CO Warehouse Phase II DRAW

-CO Warehouse Pre-Bid Attend List

*9-100217 Phase II Addendum1 DRAW

*Addendum 1 CO Phase II

-CO Warehouse Phase II Plan Holders

D2 Marshall, MO 9-100205 Maintenance and Project Office Buildings 9-100205 D2 Marshall SPEC

-9-100205 D2 Marshall Mt Drawings

-9-100205 D2 Marshall Project Office Drawings

-9-100205 D2 Marshall pre-bid sign-in

-9-100205 D2 Marshall - Addendum 1

-9-100205 D2 Marshall - Addendum 2

*9-100205 D2 Marshall - Addendum 3

*9-100205 D2 Marshall - Addendum 4

*9-100205 D2 Marshall - Addendum 5

-D2 Marshall Plan Holders

*9-100205 D2 Marshall - Addendum 6

-BID SUMMARY D2 Marshall
D9 Various Location 9-100205C Carpentry, Time & Material N/A

9-100205C D9 WO 16

-D9 Carpentry IDC Plan Holders

*9-100205 D9 Addendum 1

-Bid Summary D9 IDC
D7 Anderson, MO 9-100127 New Maintenance Building 9-100127 D7 Anderson SPEC

9-100127 Anderson Plans

-9-100127 Anderson Pre-Bid Attendees

-D7 Anderson Plan Holders List

-9-100127 Addendum 1

-BID SUMMARY D7 Anderson Mt
D2 Various Counties 9-100119E Electrical, Time & Material 9-100119E D2 IDC Electrical BID

-9-100119E D2 IDC Electrical WO 16

-D2 Elect Planholders list

-9-100119E D2 IDC Electrical BID SUMMARY
D6 St. Louis Area 9-100115C Carpentry, Time & Material 9-100115C D6 IDC Carpentry BID

WO 16 All D6 9-100115 series

- Carpenter IDC Planholders

-9-100115C BID SUMMARY
D6 St. Louis Area 9-100115E Electrical, Time & Material 9-100115E D6 IDC Electrical BID

WO 16 All D6 9-100115 series

-Elec IDC Planholders

-9-100115E BID SUMMARY
D6 St. Louis Area 9-100115M Mechanical, Time & Material 9-100115M D6 IDC Mechanical BID

WO 16 All D6 9-100115 series

- Mech IDC Planholders

-9-100115M A-1 D6 Mechanical

-9-100115M BID SUMMARY
D2 Trenton 9-100105 Sewer Extension 9-100105 D2 Sewer Extension - Trenton SPEC

9-100105 D2 Sewer Extension - Trenton DRAW

-Trenton Planholders

-A1 Sewer Extension - Trenton DRAW

-Addendum 1 Sewer - Trenton

-Addendum 2 Sewer - Trenton

-BID SUMMARY D2Sewer - Trenton
D3 Hannibal 9-091016 Radio Tower 9-091016 D3 Radio Tower - Hannibal SPEC

9-091016 Plan Holders List

* Addendum 1 D3 Tower - Hannibl

* Tower Prebid Attnd

BID SUMMARY D3 Hannibal Tower
D3 Eolia & Fairmont 9-091030 Radio Tower 9-091030 D3 Fairmont Eolia Tower SPEC

D3 Radio Tower Plan Holders List

*Addendum 1 D3 Towers - Fairmont Eolia

* Addendum 2 D3 Towers - Fairmont Eolia

* Addendum 3 D3 Towers - Fairmont Eolia

-BID SUMMARY D3 Towers - Eolia Fairmont
D6 Festus, Weldon Springs, & Cedar Hill 9-091109 Construct Storage Buildings 60'X50' 9-091109 D6 Pole Barns-3 Spec

-9-091109 D6 Pole Barns-3 Draw

-Pole Barn Planholders

-BID SUMMARY D6 Pole Barns
CO Jefferson City 9-091116 Warehouse Renovation Phase I 9-091116 CO Warehouse Phase I SPEC

-9-091116 CO Warehouse Phase I DRAW

-Planholders WHSE

*Mandatory Pre-bid sign-in

*9-091116 Addendum I.MoDot Warehouse P-I

*9-091116 CO Warehouse Phase I DRAW a1

*Addendum 1A CO Phase I

*Addendum 2 CO Phase I

Central Office, Jefferson City 9-091116A Roof Replacement 9-091116 CO Roof SPEC

-9-091116 CO Roof DRAW

-CO Roof Plan Holders

D2 Marshall 9-091009 Sewer 9-091009 D2 Sewer Marshall SPEC

9-091009 D2 Sewer Marshall DRAW

-Marshall Planholders

* Addendum 1 D2 Sewer - Marshall

* Addendum 1 D2 Sewer Marshall DRAW

* Sewer - Marshall - Addendum 2

D3 Various Locations 9-091030C Carpentry Services 9-091030C D3 Carpentry IDC bid

Plan Holders List

-Wage Order 16 - D3 IDC

D3 Carpentry ALL Bids


1617 MO Blvd, Jefferson City

9-091002 CO Cat 6 Cable Install 9-091002 CO Cat 6 Cable Instal SPEC

9-091002 CO Cat 6 Cable Install DRAW 3pages

-CO Cat 6 Plan Holders

*Cat 6 Addendum 1

*Cat 6 Addendum 2

*Cat 6 Addendum 3

-BID SUMMARY Cat 6 Cable
D2 Various Locations 9-091006 Install Metal Siding on Maintenance Buildings 9-091006 D2 Siding SPEC 9-091006 D2 siding DRAW BID SUMMARY D2 Metal Siding

D8 Seymour and Buffalo

9-090922 Truck Wash Buildings 9-090922 D8 Truck Wash Bldgs SPEC

-9-090922 D8 Truck Wash Bldgs DRAW

-9-090922 D8 Truck Wash Addendum 1

-9-090922 D8 Truck Wash Addendum 2

-9-090922 D8 Truck Wash Addendum 3

D5 Hallsville 9-090908D Construct Fabric Structure 9-090908D D5 Fabric - Hallsville SPEC Addendum 1 Fabric - Hallsville

BID SUMMARY D5 Hallsville Fabric

D4 Knob Noster 9-090908B Overhead Door Replacement 9-090908B D4 OH Doors SPEC Addendum 1 OHD - Knob Noster BID SUMMARY D4 Overhead Door Replacement
D9 Doolittle Rest Area 9-090908A Demolition 9-090908A D9 Doolittle Demolition SPEC Addendum 1 Doolittle BID SUMMARY D9 Doolittle Demo
D6 St. Clair 9-090901 Construction Maintenance and Storage Buildings 9-090901 D6 Buildings - St. Clair SPEC

9-090901 D6 Buildings - St. Clair Draw

-Addendum 1 - St. Clair DRAW

-Addendum 1 - St. Clair

-Addendum 2 - w Bid Page St. Clair

-Addendum 2 Bid Page REV

Bid Tabulation
D5 Various Counties 9-090828C Carpentry Services 9-090828C D5 Carpentry IDC spec - All Bids D5 Carpentry1
D4 Mulberry St., Kansas City 9-090828A Construct Maintenance Complex and Site Work 9-090828A D4 Mulberry Maint Site SPEC

-9-090828A D4 Mulberry Site DRAW

-9-090828A D4 Mulberry Bldg DRAW

-Addendum 1 Fabric - Mulberry

-Addendum 2 - Mulberry Street Draw

-Addendum 2 - Mulberry Street

-Addendum 3 - Mulberry DRAW

-Addendum 3 - Mulberry

-Addendum 4 - Mulberry

-Addendum 5 - Mulberry

-Addendum 6 - Mulberry

-Addendum 7 - Mulberry

D4 Bid Tabulation
D4 Lee's Summit 9-090828 Install Fire Suppression 9-090828 D4 Fire Suppression SPEC

-9-090828 D4 Fire Suppression DRAW

-Addendum 1 Fire Suppression

BID SUMMARY D4 Fire Suppression
D4 Lee's Summit 9-090824E install UPS and Cooling 9-090824E D4 Data Center UPS and Cooling SPEC - BID SUMMARY D4 Data Ctr Cooling UPS
D5 JC Spec Crews & Rockeport 9-090813B OHD Replacement 9-090813B D5 OH Doors SPEC - CORRECTED BID SUMMARY D5 OHD
D2 Macon 9-090813A Building Restoration 9-090813A D2 Bldg Restoration - Macon SPEC

-9-090813A D2 Bldg Restore - Macon DRAW

-Addendum 1 Bldg Restore

-Addendum 2 Bldg Restore

-Addendum 3 Bldg Restore

-Addendum 4 Bldg Restore

-Addendum 5 Bldg Restore

BID SUMMARY D2 Restoration
D1 St. Joseph 9-090813 Temperature Control System 9-090813 D1 CTC St. Joseph SPEC - BID SUMMARY D1 CTC
D8 Various Counties 9-090811 Carpentry Services 9-090811 D8 BuildSer IDC spec - 9-090811 D8 BuildSer IDC BID TAB
D3 Hannibal 9-090811A Parking Lot Overlay 9-090811A D3 Parking Lot Overlay - Hannibal SPEC - BID SUMMARY D3 Overlay
D9 Edgar Springs 9-090728B Construct Fabric Structure 9-090728B D9 Fabric Structure - Edgar Springs SPEC

-Addendum 1 Fabric - ES

-Addendum 2 Fabric - Edgar Springs

BID SUMMARY D9 Edgar Springs Fabric
D4 Mulberry, Kansas City 9-090728A Site Work 9-090728A D4 Mulberry SPEC 9-090728A D4 Mulberry DRAW None
D3 Hannibal 9-090728 Siding Installaion 9-099728 D3 Hannibal Siding SPEC

-9-090728 D3 Hannibal Siding DRAW

-Addendum 1 Siding

-Addendum 2 Siding

BID SUMMARY D3 Vinyl Siding
D2 Milan  & Macon 9-090721 OHD Replacement 9-090721 D2 OH Doors SPEC

-Addendum 1 D2 OH Doors

-Addendum 2 D2 OH Doors

D10 Sikeston 9-090717 Generator & Transfer Switch 9-090717 D10 GenSet SPEC - BID SUMMARY D10 Generator Set
D4 Lee's Summit 9-090702 Construct Data Center and RE Office Building 9-090702 D4 Data Ctr and RE Spec

-D4DataCenterand RE Bldg DRAW

-Addendum 1 RE Data

-Addendum 2 RE Data DRAW

-Addendum 2 RE Data

-Addendum 3 RE Data

-Addendum 4 RE Data DRAW

-Addendum 4 RE Data

-Addendum 5 RE Data

-Addendum 6 RE Data DRAW

-Addendum 6 RE Data

-Addendum 7 RE Data DRAW

-Addendum 7 RE Data

-Addendum 8 RE Data

-Addendum 9 RE Data

BID SUMMARY D4 Data Center and RE Office

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